Payment Information


Our products are shipping worldwide. The approximate delivery time to Europe is 10-15 business days and delivery to the United States takes about 10-17 business days. The cost of shipping flat is 25 USD.

Important note: delivery time may be longer than usual during holidays.

We don't have a recend policy to the following countries:
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Pakistan, and Egypt.

We offer 3 payment options for our customers:

We have 3 payment options that can choose our customers:

Western Union

The payment via Bitcoins is the most convenient and simple method. All orders that are paid using Bitcoins are processed at once after receiving the payment. 

Follow these 3 easy steps to place your order:

Check these 3 simple steps in order to place your order:

Look through our list of the products and select the products you would like to buy by clicking the button “ADD TO CART

The next step is to click on “CHECKOUT” button in your cart and after that, you can clarify your delivery details.

When you have chosen the payment method, you can click on “PLACE ORDER NOW

You will receive an automatic email with your further payment instructions. 


After sending the payment, please give us the code for payment clearance and shipping your order as quickly as possible.



Important Notes:

You should finalise your order in 7 days before the products in your cart get relisted. 

In case you have chosen to pay with cash, you need to go personally one of your financial institutions or branches for providing your name. 

Please be sure to send money to the EXACT name (first and last name) we provide you with by email after you submit your order. 

Please send your payment in USD.


It is forbidden to transfer money for commercial purposes 
In case the representative asked you about the goal of money transfer, then tell him that you send money to your relative or a friend as the donation. 

Nonetheless, they don’t have permission to ask you about the purpose of your money transfer abroad.

After money has been sent and you got the reference number MTCN (money control number) you need to register it in the system. 

In order to do this, please Log in to your account at HCGPLATINUM.COM, then click on the button MY ACCOUNT at the top of the home page and open ORDER HISTORY.

Please enter the MTCN code in Payment Code field and save it. 

You need to be sure that all items are still available in your cart for finalising your order.

We remind again, the payment needs to be sent in 7 days after the adding items to your cart. 

In brief, please follow the next points:


Find again SEND ORDER for us to get your information. Otherwise, your order will be deleted from MY ACCOUNT menu. 

When MY ACCOUNT column is empty, it means that your process has been finalised successfully. 


Please note that minimum order amount is 100 USD and also delivery costs. It gives us the opportunity to provide you with first-rate service and great packaging.