Somatropin refers to synthesised Human Growth Hormone. The older we get, the lower the levels of HGH produced by our pituitary glands. This results in several symptoms of aging like emotional instability, lack of focus and concentration, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, reduced bone density, weight gain especially in the middle region, drop in energy levels, loss of lean muscle mass, decline in cognitive function, increase in harmful(bad) cholesterol and fatigue.

The good news is that all the above symptoms can be alleviated by taking recombinant HGH. Synthetic HGH was introduced in 1985 by Genetech.

Before the introduction of recombinant DNA technology, the only way to obtain Human Growth Hormone was to extract it from the pituitary gland of raw human cadavers. Due to the rigorous and expensive extraction process, only the rich and children with severe Growth Hormone Deficiency could acquire Growth Hormone. Back then, Growth hormone had only one known function, to treat Growth Hormone Deficiency patients.

What is Somatropin used for?

The benefits of somatropin are almost endless. It is one of the pivotal hormones in the human body. We mainly need it for cell growth, cell proliferation, cell regeneration as well as the development of strong bones and their maintenance.

Apart from the treatment of pituitary dwarfism, Somatropin injection can also help in treatment of burn victims, Prader-Willi syndrome and short bowel syndrome. Somatropin can also be part of the medication for HIV and AIDS treatment. Today Somatropin is popularly known for its anti-aging properties. The major drawback is that Somatropin is not FDA approved and very expensive in the US making it very difficult to acquire HGH for non-medical uses like antiaging

Somatropin and Bodybuilding

The bodybuilding industry was among the first to grasp Somatropin’s non medical uses. HGH also has anabolic effects on the body which can help athletes and bodybuilders in building more lean muscle and endurance during exercise.  For maximal results in athletes and bodybuilders it is recommended to combine Somatropin with anabolic steroids. The results should be incredible!

The best part of Somatropin in bodybuilding is that it highly reduces the recovery time between the training sessions. Thus you would have more endurance during your workout sessions which increases your productivity.

Somatropin also boosts your metabolism. This can help bodybuilders to still get rid of fat during the off-season. It becomes especially helpful during a cutting cycle made for contest preparation as the individual burns a lot of fat at a much greater rate and preserves more muscle. This saves the athlete from possible injuries which usually occur during training prior to the contest.

 Somatropin and IGF-1

HGH is directly linked to the Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is one of the pivotal hormones in the body and it nearly affects every other cell in the human body. The hormone IGF-1 is responsible for short recovery and maintenance of bodily functions. An increase in HGH levels would result in an increase in IGF-1 levels as well.

Nonetheless, in some instances IGF-1 can act as an antagonist to the effects of Growth Hormone. As result, the effects of exogenous IGF-1would become damaging to the individual who supplements with exogenous HGH.

What to expect from somatropin injections?

The phrase which refers Somatropin as, “The Fountain of Youth” is not just a cliché.  Somatropin might not make you look and feel exactly as you were in your youth but it surely you will feel something as close to that. Because of the vast majority of Somatropin uses, almost everyone can use it, children for treatment of HGH, youths for bodybuilding and the old aged for antiaging therapy.

The effects of Somatropin can be summarised into the following:

  • A decrease in body fat.
  • A tight Physique, well ripped body
  • Enhanced Metabolic Rate
  • Improved psychological and general wellness.
  • Improved skin health
  • An enhanced sleep cycle accompanied with deep sleep.
  • Improved Bone Strength
  • Enhanced energy levels and endurance.
  • Improved joint strength
  • Loss of fat and growth of more lean muscle
  • A short recovery time.
  • Enhanced Tendon Strength

How long does it take to see the results of Somatropin?

Most importantly, Somatropin requires patience, a Somatropin cycle can go for a few months before its full blown effects are revealed. It takes commitment and discipline.  The shortest period of time you can reap Somatropin benefits is 8-12 weeks, you can notice significant fat loss within this period. On average, 6 months of consistent use should give you the desired and satisfactory result.

How to take Somatropin?

  • Somatropin intramuscular injection

Somatropin can be taken by means of an intramuscular injection or subcutaneously. Its half-life is approximately 4.9 hours and its bioavailability is approximately 63%. If you are taking Somatropin for bodybuilding, taking Somatropin intramuscularly is your best shot. Most bodybuilders prefer taking Soamtropin intramuscularly because the action kicks in faster allowing them to have effective workout sessions without waiting for too long.

  • Somatropin Subcutaneous injecton

If you are taking Somatropin for other purposes, you can take it by subcutaneous means. It has a bioavailability close to 75% and a half life approximately 3.8 hours. You can either use a Somatropin pen or an insulin needle. The stomach, buttocks and hips are usually convenient for most people and there a popular belief that the are of injection would have the greatest fat loss.

When to take Somatropin?

Most of your naturally pituitary gland produced HGH is produced during sleep, particularly during REM sleep. This implies that the action of HGH is mostly effective at night and you don’t need exogenous HGH from outside during sleep. Thus it would be wise to inject Somatropin mid morning and mid-afternoon. Avoid taking Somatropin injections before sleep, unless your doctor has confirmed that your pituitary gland is dead and totally doesn’t produce any Growth Hormone by itself.

HGH Release

HGH is produced in the anterior pituitary gland where it is then secreted into the blood stream. Form the blood stream HGH goes to the liver where it will interact with Insulin like Growth Factor(IGF-1). In a young healthy man, the pituitary gland produces 1-2iu a day. However as we grow older, the pituitary gland produces less and less HGH, we also become more sensitive to the little doses.

This explains why most experienced doctors recommend just 0.5iu per day.

Somatropin Dosing Information

Perhaps you are considering starting the trending Somatropin cycle. If you are already on a steroid cycle then that’s great! Somatropin works best when stacked with an effective steroid cycle on the side, usually T3 and insulin. Note that this is not compulsory for everyone, its just a popular combination among elite bodybuilders.

For a start 5iu taken consecutively every day in five days is a fair dose. Most people prefer to take 0.5iu soon after working up and the other 0.5 before sleep. Getting a two day break is not compulsory, its generally meant to reduce the expenses of the cycle therefore you can chose to ignore it if the cost suits you. However try to take the HGH five consecute days a week, taking the hormone once or twice a week would be ineffective.

In hardcore cycles 10iu per day of Somatropin can be used, however this is very risky as it highly increases the chances of developing serious side effects. Dosages exceeding 10iu a day can lead to serious health complication and they can even be fatal. Experienced users report that a patient small dose for a longer period of time is more effective than taking short cycles even with huge doses.

Somatropin overdose

Somatropin is quite a very friendly hormone unless abused. Overdoses of growth hormone can lead to serious undesirable outcomes like acromegaly(enlargement of the feet, hands, head, forehead jawline etc.) Acromegally can also result in enlargement of internal organs which explains the “HGH gut” in long term users of HGH. Type 2 diabetes can also be experienced since somatropin tends to have an imfuence on IGF-1

Inorder to avoid these undesirable consequence, strictly follow your doctor’s instruction. Experienced somatropin users advise that taking small doses for a longer period of time is more effective than taking short Somatropin cycles with high doses. Keep in mind that, increasing the dosage above optimal levels would not increase the efficacy of Somatropin but instead increase chances of serious side effects.

Somatropin Storage

Keep somatropin in a cool dry place, preferably a refrigerator. After mixing Somatropin with Bacteriostatic water avoid shaking. Somatropin molecules are highly delicate.

Somatropin Side Effects

Somatropin is the recombinant DNA synthesised form of Growth hormone. Natural HGH and Somatropin are bio-equivalent/bio-identical which suggests that they work perfectly the same and they have the same mechanism of action. The few side effects of Somatropin are mainly caused by overdosing. When you start the cycle, you might encounter a few side effects as your body is getting accustomed to the drug. Usually these side effects will subside in a matter of few days.

The first Somatropin side effect you might encounter is irritation, small lumps or just an itchy feeling at the injection area. You are recommended to rotate the injection area sites so as to prevent irritation of the skin.

The most persistent side effect of Somatropin is water retention in the joints, wrists and ankles. Some people might encounter joint discomfort along with headaches. Most people don’t have issues with the long term use of Somatropin because the side effects usually fade away after a few days. Flu like symptoms might also be experienced during the early stages but they are very rare.

If the water retention is severe, the individual can also experience carpal tunnel syndrome. However this is mostly a result of high level doses used in performance enhancement. These higher than normal doses can also be cause reduce the production of the thyroid hormone leading to thyroid deficiency. Liothyronine Sodium, also known as Cytomel (T3) can be used to remedy this problem.

Other possible side effects are:

  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • respiratory infection
  • numbing of the skin.