How to take HGH

The Human Growth Hormone can be administered by two main methods, subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Unfortunately, besides intravenous injections, there is no other way to take HGH. This is because the Human Growth Hormone is a very delicate protein that cannot survive adverse conditions like capsules, tablets, patches or creams.

Therefore, you should always watch out for some of these products which are not injections but claim to have the Human Growth Hormone. If you are not a fan of injections, you just have to face your fears because there is no other way besides injections. There are two main types of HGH injections:

  • HGH Subcutaneous injection

Subcutaneous injections are the most popular methods of taking intravenous medication like insulin and Human Growth Hormone. If taken subcutaneously GH has a bioavailability of 75% and a half-life of 3.8 hours.

  • HGH intramuscular injection

Intramuscular injections are popular for their fast action. They are usually used in athletes, most bodybuilders, Taking HGH intramuscularly would give you a bioavailability of 63% and a half-life of 4.9%.

What is Growth Hormone?

The Human Growth Hormone is one of the natural secretions of the anterior pituitary gland. Its molecular structure consists of a single polypeptide chain comprising of 191 amino acids. HGH is a crucial hormone needed for growth and development in children as well as the general well-being in adults. Children require more HGH due to the need to grow which explains why the rate of production is significantly higher in children than in adults and the rate is at its highest peak during puberty.

When we pass puberty and approach our late twenties, HGH levels inevitably start to decline. According to the neuroendocrine theory, this also occurs with the rest of the hormones in our body apart from Cortisol. Increase in cortisol levels as we age is not for a good cause either, Cortisol is known as the “bad” hormone.

A Brief History

The Human Growth Hormone was not as popular as it is today when it was discovered in the 1950s. The hormone was only known for its one function, treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency in children born with dwarfism and other related conditions. There was always a limited supply of Human Growth Hormone since it was extracted raw human cadavers, therefore, there was no room for scrutinising its other functions.

It was only in 1985 after Genetech introduced recombinant DNA technology and started manufacture of synthetic Human Growth Hormone that it became largely available and accessible to the majority public. Due to the large availability, some researchers took interest in HGH only to discover that the hormone had a vast majority of other health benefits in the human body.

What`s the ideal time to take HGH?

If your pituitary gland is not totally impaired, you will still be able to produce enough levels of HGH at night. Therefore, there won’t be a need to take HGH Injections when you sleep. Thus the ideal time is mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Unless your physician prescribes you otherwise, we recommend these time intervals.

Early morning can also do after the natural HGH secretion has worn off. Taking an HGH injection at this time provides a consistent, steady pulse of HGH. Professional HGH manufactures and Bodybuilding forums generally recommend the above.

 Combining HGH and Diet to Optimise Timing

Your diet has a considerable significant influence on your HGH levels and eating certain foods at certain times of the day can optimise HGH effects or deem it ineffective.

A typical example is a rich sugar diet which would spike the levels of insulin in the body. HGH and insulin are the biological antagonists, this means that the elevation of one will lead to the decrease of the other. HGH surges when Insulin is low, which normally occurs 4 hours after eating.

It would be wise to take HGH supplements on an empty stomach because it allows faster absorption and it also reduces insulin interference.

To optimise your HGH production you can do so by reducing your intake of carbs and enriching your diet with a healthy dose of protein and fat.  Experts also advise taking your dose at least two hours before eating and or after eating. This mainly applies to individuals taking multiple doses a day. Some experienced HGH users recommend fasting four hours before you sleep, then take the HGH injection in the morning and also wait 1-2 hours before eating. Nonetheless, you shouldn`t take HGH on an empty stomach.

Human Growth Hormone Dosage

HGH dosage greatly varies, there is no standard dose of taking HGH. Your Growth Hormone dose depends on many factors but mainly it depends on the expected result. For example, if you are taking HGH for bodybuilding, you would probably require a large dose. Your dosage is also determined by the mode of administration because the mode of administration affects HGH`s bioavailability as well as its half-life.

  • Bioavailability:

When you take HGH intramuscularly, its bioavailability is approximately 63% and when you take HGH subcutaneously, the bioavailability of HGH is approximately 75%

  • Half-Life

If you inject HGH by intramuscular means, its half-life is approximately 4.9 hours. However, if injected HGH subcutaneously, the half-life is less, approximately 3.8 hours.

Although the half-life of HGH is very short despite the method of administration used, its effects far outlast the half-life. When HGH is released in the body by the anterior pituitary gland, it is transported into the bloodstream to the liver. In the liver, it stimulates the production of the insulin like Growth Factor(IGF-1). The significant rise in IGF-1 brought up by the Human Growth hormone will last well past the 24-hour mark.

Therapeutic Growth Hormone Doses:

  • In Men

The standard therapeutic daily dose for a healthy male is 1-3iu per day. Most men will actually require less HGH, from 1-2iu per day and others can even do well with just 1iu or slightly lower.

  • In Women

Studies have shown that women naturally produce less HGH than men. This is one of the reasons why women tend to age more quickly than men. The normal dose for a healthy female will fall between 1-2iu per day. Most women do well with just 1iu or less a day.

Very low doses are usually recommended in the long-term plans of HGH use. They are actually more effective than high doses taken in short cycles.

Performance HGH Doses:

When you are taking HGH for athletic purposes, you would probably require a large dose than the individual taking HGH for therapeutic purposes. Performance-based HGH doses can also greatly vary. For a healthy male athlete, the ideal recommended HGH dose is 2-4IUu per day. According to experienced users, this dose should be highly beneficial and also the most affordable. You can expect the following benefits from this dose:

  • Enhanced Fat Loss
  • Endurance and short recovery periods between exercises.
  • Amplifies all HGH related Rejuvenation Traits
  • Amplifies the use of Anabolic Steroids through synergy

The doses above are the safest for athletes but however, some extreme groups like bodybuilders would even use higher doses. In order to stimulate the growth of pure lean muscle mass, most bodybuilders require a minimum of 6-8iu’s per day. For satisfactory results, this should be taken for a considerable longer period of time and also make sure that you are using high-quality pharmaceutical grade HGH.

Of course, some crazy bodybuilding aficionados would go to the extent of using above 10iu per day. However, these kinds of doses are strongly discouraged because they greatly increase the risk of side effects.

Female athletes can expect to achieve the full blown benefits of Human Growth Hormone at 1-2iu per day. If they want to go extreme, they can take 3-4iu per day. However, the dose should never exceed this limit. Women are likely more to suffer the undesirable consequences of too much HGH in the body like overgrowth of the jaw and other related areas.

How long do the effects of HGH last?

It takes quite some time before you can finally reap the benefits of taking HGH. If you are taking HGH anti-aging therapy you can expect maximum visible and non-visible effects of HGH at 6 months. The most recommended period of time to get the full blown results of HGH for anabolic promotion is to wait until six months of use as well.

On the other hand, if you are taking HGH for therapeutic purposes, anti-aging and or rejuvenation total use can be indefinite. On average it will last at least a year or even more