HGH Therapy

As we grow older our pituitary glands tend to produce less Human Growth Hormone. The Human Growth Hormone is one of the pivotal hormones in the human body necessary for various body functions.  Low levels of Human Growth Hormone can result in detrimental health conditions like diabetes, obesity, sexual dysfunction among many others.

The Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is meant to supplement or replace the HGH naturally produced by the pituitary gland. HGH alleviates the symptoms of aging. After undergoing HGH therapy, most people report generally feeling much better and younger. When you have normal levels of HGH in the body, your quality of life is improved, you`ll feel a boost in confidence and energetic.

Why you should try HGH Therapy?

The Human Growth Hormone has been used for over 70 years. Synthetic HGH from recombinant DNA technology has been used for over 30 years. During all these years, HGH has proved to be very effective and does not harbor any long term or short term harmful effects. The hormone has passed the test of time and is very safe and will give you the expected results.

Of course, you should try HGH. Because of aging your body no longer produces enough HGH. Therefore, through HGH therapy you can restore the levels of HGH to optimum levels. With optimum HGH levels you will feel and look like a youth once again, improved concentration and cognition, better mood, deep and fulfilling sleep, high energy levels among many other numerous benefits.

HGH Therapy and weight loss.

The Human Growth Hormone is well known to do wonders when it comes to weight loss. Several studies have proved that HGH therapy can substantially and specifically reduce fat belly, fat around the waist, the hips and the buttocks.

Conventional diets usually fail because they don`t change the hormonal message. This is why most people will eventually just gain the weight back. The Human Growth Hormone will change your body`s metabolism in such a way that the body will always metabolise fats as its first priority. This way all your fat stores will be depleted and also your body will no longer store extra fat. Most people using HGH report losing mostly belly fat and fat in the buttocks and hips.

There are a lot of studies to back up the above information. One of the studies is the study published in the reputable New England Journal of Medicine which showed that individuals who took the Human Growth Hormone within a period of 6 months lost about 14.4% of their total body fat. The subjects also gained about 8.8% in lean muscle. HGH Therapy coupled with exercise can result in even more tremendous results

HGH Therapy mechanism of action on weight loss.

HGH Therapy specifically targets the enzyme lipoprotein lipase to reduce its effects of fat accumulation. Instead, HGH activates the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase which is the hormone responsible for lipolysis (the breaking down of fat).

HGH specifically target belly fat and abdominal fat, preventing the accumulation of fat in these areas. Growth hormone also reduces the amount of free fatty acids circulating in the bloodstream. High levels of free fatty acids circulating in the body tend to reduce HGH levels. Thus the presence of one will lower the presence of the other. Abdominal fat can also be particularly dangerous due to its association with heart disease, diabetes, and many other health conditions.

Is HGH Therapy safe?

The Human Growth Therapy has been used for several decades since the discovery of recombinant DNA in 1985. It’s a very effective method because recombinant DNA technology allows scientists to make a bio-identical clone of the pituitary gland produced Growth Hormone. In most cases, there are usually no side effects associated with Growth Hormone unless the dosage is abused.

Very few people report side effects at clinically approved doses. In most people, HGH side effects are usually not that serious. Skeptical scientists have carried outs studies to see if it has long-term side effects but HGH has proved very safe and doesn`t harbor long-term harmful side effects.

How long does it take to feel the effects HGH Therapy?

According to many HGH users, within a couple of days taking HGH, you will feel a whole lot different, better mood, high energy levels, and a generally happy mood. The visible results might tarry but you would surely feel a change in the body. A significant boost in productivity and vitality should be felt after a few days on Growth Hormone Therapy. The first month is all about HGH’s non-visible effects. Therefore, a little patience is needed. The second month you can start to notice a change in your hair and skin tone. Considerable weight loss and lean muscle gains would be visible within the third month. After the first half of your treatment, you should have a boost in energy and eyesight as well as, improved eyesight and vision, deeper sleep and waking up full of energy, etc.

HGH Therapy Screening test?

To get the most out of HGH therapy, it is recommended to take a screening test. The screening test would involve blood analysis so as to determine the specific levels of Human Growth Hormone your body is producing. This is very important for safety purpose as well as to determine the optimal dose of Human Growth Hormone that your body needs to give you the desired outcome.

The Neuroendocrine theory

The Neuroendocrine theory suggests that as humans grow older some of the body organs stop functioning and hormonal production tend to greatly decline. There is a lot of evidence to back the Neuroendocrine theory.

For example, the ovaries in women stop functioning when they reach menopause, the same happens with the pancreas in both men and women. When the ovaries stop functioning, women often experience hormonal imbalance and suffer menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. The pausing of the pancreas is the reason for diabetes in old age.

When it comes to the hormone, a lot of hormones become less produced. The only hormone to increase production with age is cortisol of which it doesn`t have pleasant effects either. Some of the hormones which decline with age are pregnenolone, DHEA, testosterone, melatonin, thyroid hormones, and Human Growth Hormone.

Is HGH Therapy actually legal?

This depends on where you reside and also your source of HGH. If you are in the United States you would probably find it difficult to legally acquire Human Growth Hormone injections. This is because the US FDA hasn`t approved the use of HGH for any other uses except for GHD patients and other health related conditions. A lot of US citizens go to Mexico to get their yearly supply of Human Growth Hormone.

Side Effects related to HGH Therapy

The Human Growth Hormone is a bio-equivalent to Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary gland. As a result, the synthetic hormone is very compatible in the body and is likely to have zero side effects or a very few mild ones.

Common HGH side effects:

  • Nerve, joint or muscle pain.
  • Swelling of the limbs due to water retention
  • Numb and tingling sensation
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Increase in cancer growth.

Most people don`t experience side effects by taking growth hormone. People who often have side effects buy HGH from unreliable online sources which sell contaminated and counterfeit HGH like Somatrem. Somatrem is a mimic of HGH which is effective but it has severe side effects which can even be fatal. This is why it is illegal. Another reason for side effects is taking too many doses of HGH than prescribed by the physician.