HGH Injections

Growth Hormone injections only became popular after 1985 when Genetech introduced recombinant DNA synthesised HGH. Initially raw Growth Hormone was extracted from the pituitary gland of human cadavers. The process of extraction and collection was very expensive and also rigorous. As a result only the rich and children with acute Growth hormone Deficiency could acquire Growth Hormone injections. Back then, HGH had only one function, which was to treat GHD.

The Human Growth Hormone can be administered by means of two main types of injections, subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

  • HGH Subcutaneous injection

Most individuals prefer taking HGH subcutaneously, its slow acting but very safe. This is the most popular method of taking injections and unless you are taking HGH for bodybuilding, this is the ideal method for you. Subcutaneous HGH  has a bioavailability close to 75% and a half life approximately 3.8 hours. You can either use a Somatropin pen or an insulin needle. The stomach, buttocks and hips are usually convenient for most people and there is a popular belief that the area of injection would have the greatest fat loss.

  • HGH intramuscular injection

This method mainly favours bodybuilders. If you are taking HGH for bodybuilding needs, taking the hormone intramuscularly is your best shot. HGH can be taken by means of an intramuscular injection or subcutaneously. Its half-life is approximately 4.9 hours and its bioavailability is approximately 63%. Most bodybuilders prefer taking HGH intramuscularly because the action kicks in faster allowing them to have effective workout sessions without waiting for too long.

What is Growth Hormone?

The Human Growth Hormone is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland . Biochemically it consists of a single polypeptide chain comprising of 191 amino acids. HGH is a crucial hormone for growth, development as well as repair of body tissues. Because of the high need for growth and development in children, HGH is secreted in high amounts in children than in adults. The rate of secretion reaches its highest peak of production is during puberty.

After puberty, the rate of secretion would eventually start to decline. The possible explanation to this is the neuroendocrine theory which postulates that the symptoms of aging spontaneously coincide with the decrease in the amount of most hormones and the failure of various organs.  There is only one hormone which increases with age but not for a good cause, it is known as the “bad” hormone. That’s Cortisol!

HGH Injection Therapy Benefits

Its not a bad idea to try to retrieve your youthful years with HGH. However before you jump into the HGH therapy just because of its endless benefits, take a pause and consider your health goals. Are the anticipated outcomes worthy the possible side effects?

Below is a summary of the benefits brought about by HGH:

  • Restoration of your normal youthful metabolism. For example if during your youth you were thin and ate anyhow you wanted but never got fat, it is possible to restore your metabolism. After a committed 6 month HGH Injection program you are mostly guaranteed to return to those glory days.
  • A strong physique, strong bones and improved healing, even old fractures.
  • A change in your body’s water retention resulting in more supple and healthy skin. Also improved functioning of the rehydrated organs.
  • A better attitude and sense of self-esteem, since HGH Injection helps regulate messengers in the brain within 15 minutes of its administration or secretion.
  • Enhanced wound healing process
  • Less recovery time between training and intensive exercise.
  • Increased protein synthesis along with cell regeneration which amplifies the healing process.
  • Generally improves one’s quality of life.
  • Assists in muscle growth.
  • Improves vision,
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Improves function of digestion
  • Reverses major organs shrinkage
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Enhances memory and cognition
  • In the sports world, men can use HGH hand in hand with other Anabolic Androgenic steroids(AAS) to amplify their effects.
  • Speeds up metabolism and thus burns fat faster which can help in losing weight
  • It is an effective ant-aging remedy.
  • Can be handy if you want quick results as a body builder.
  • Improves and amplifies the healing process
  • Inhibits destruction of muscles
  • Strengthens immunity.
  • For treatment of pituitary dwarfism in children and teens.
  • To help individuals with HGH deficiency.
  • For treatment of HIV/AIDS patients
  • useful to relieve burn victims and people suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome and quick bowel syndrome.
  • Re-colouring of the gray,
  • Hair thickening.

The above benefits are amazing. However it takes patience, consistence and discipline until you can experience the full blown effects of HGH.

How long does it take to feel the effects HGH Therapy?

Feeling the effects of HGH doesn’t take that long. Within a few days you should be feeling different, a lot better. After a few days on Growth Hormone Therapy a significant increase in productivity and vitality should be felt. HGH takes on average, six months for its full blown effects to be experienced, that is both visible and non-visible results.

Therefore a lot of patients is required when using HGH. After completing your  the first month you should probably expect improved and healthier deep sleep. The following month your skin should show rejuvenating results and by the third month expect a change in your hair. Muscle mass gains would probably be visible after 2-3 months. By the time you complete the first three months, you should be having a better mood, improved psychological wellness, better memory and cognition and a significant boost in energy.

3 possible drawbacks you might face taking HGH injections.

Growth hormone injections come with a vast majority of benefits but they are a full package, they also have their drawbacks. Fortunately these drawbacks are not safety related.

  1. Expensive

The first issue concerning HGH injections is their cost. Some people find themselves spending over a $1,000 a month on HGH injections

  1. Too many doses a day

Since Growth Hormone injections intend to mimic the pituitary gland’s natural release of Growth hormone, sometimes its required to take low doses frequently during the day which isn’t convenient to most people.

  1. Dependence

There is also an issue of dependence when taking HGH injections. This is why it is discouraged to take HGH for a longer period of time. Due to long term use of HGH some people experience a decrease in their energy levels and quality of life when they stop HGH injections. Note that this does not mean that HGH is addictive.

Symptoms of HGH Deficiency in Adults

Diagnosis of HGH in adults is not that easy as it is in children because there are no obvious visible symptoms like stunted growth in children. Growth Hormone in adults can be identified by the following symptoms:

  1. Psychological:

Emotional instability, decreased energy levels, loss of concentration and impaired memory, depression and loss of sexual libido.

  1. Anabolic tone related

Decrease in general body strength as well as skeletal muscle strength, decreased lean body mass, increased abdominal fat and reduced endurance.

  1. Protein synthesis related:

Hair loss due to lack of collagen, skin thinning, shrinkage of body organs and slow nail and hair growth.

  1. Lipid related:

A significant decrease in HDL  cholesterol and a marked increase in LDL cholesterol. This results in bone defects like osteopenia (lack of bone).

HGH and Aging

As we age the level of HGH in our body declines by close to 14% every 10 years. This occurs gradually thus leading to aging. During the day, HGH is released in pulses or little burst from the pituitary gland into the blood stream. By the age of 60 years old, we only produce 25% of the HGH we secreted at 20 years old. It is definitely not just by coincidence that as we age our levels of HGH drastically decline as well. The good news is that many clinical studies have shown proof of individuals regaining their youthful viva after taking Growth Hormone.

What are HGH Pens

Human Growth Hormone pens are an innovative alternative to the traditional injections. HGH pens look like any other pen, they mostly look like a highlighter. The pen is preloaded with Human Growth hormone and its protective casing creates optimal conditions for the HGH molecules for as long as the pen is kept in a cool environment, preferably a refrigerator. A single HGH pen can last from a 1 week – 2 months or more.

The upside to the HGH pen is that it is almost pain free due to its very short and thin needle.  HGH pens only penetrate through the top layer of your skin avoiding a lot of nerves which minimises the chances of pain. Furthermore the HGH pens are well marked allowing you to customise the amount of HGH you would want to receive per dose.

Conclusively HGH pens are a far much better alternative to the traditional injections (insulin injections). The entire process takes less than a minute can be done practically anywhere and anytime. So if you are scared of injections, don’t be. HGH Pens will make taking Growth Hormone incredibly easier and fun.

HGH Injections Dosages

After his clinical studies, in 1990 Dr. Daniel Rudman recommended 16.5IU fractioned into 3 doses per week as a healthy dose of HGH. However this dose has a high risk of side effects and the dosage is considered too much these days. Latest studies have suggested that the desired outcome can still be achieved with a lower dose thus lowering the risk of side effects. Instead, smaller and frequent doses are advised.

Lower doses of as low as 4-8 IU per week, are usually prescribed, taking two doses each day for 5-6 days. Your medical care provider should teach you how to take the subcutaneous injection. You should take the injection twice a day, before sleep and soon after waking up. Regardless of circumstance, you should not take HGH only once or twice a week, its too less.

HGH prescription is custom designed, there is no standard dosage for everyone. Your doctor would write your prescription mainly based on the outcome  you intend to get from the prescription, your age among many others. Expert doctors would usually start their patients with a lower dosage, 0.5 IU per day and gradually increase it in 0.5 UI increments based on their IGF-1 blood level.

Younger patients require larger doses than adults because HGH levels in the body are naturally high in children than adults. Therefore adults would be more sensitive to HGH than children. Most authorities don’t allow a dosage to exceed 2 IU per day.

What do I do if I’m really scared of HGH injections?

Unless a doctor has confirmed that your pituitary gland is damaged, you can easily escape the needles. Don’t listen to the advertising claims. Needles are not the only way!

If your pituitary gland functions well, most doctors recommend that you use non-injectable HGH products which stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally produce Growth Hormone.

Questions to ask yourself before you start HGH Treatment?

  1. Would I be able to afford the cost throughout?
  2. How much HGH does my body naturally produces and how effective is it?
  3. Am I legally eligible to get the proper prescriptions(HGH injection kits)?
  4. Am I disciplined enough to follow a daily routine of HGH injections?
  5. Are the desired outcomes worth the possible side effects.
  6. Do I have debilitating HGH deficiency?