HGH Injections for Sale

The Human Growth Hormone is a very delicate hormone and the only way to take the hormone safely into the body is by means of an injection. HGH injections are a controlled substance, only available to people with Growth Hormone Deficiency with a prescription. There are thousands of online drugstores selling HGH injection. However, caution is needed due to the high ratio of scams to authentic and reliable pharmacies selling HGH.

The benefits of Human Growth Hormone Injections are almost endless. People who experience Growth Hormone Deficiency can suffer serious symptoms that can debilitate them physically and mentally. Severe GHD is very rare in adults but it is normal that as we grow older our levels of natural Human Growth Hormone tend to decline. This is considered the probable cause of aging.

When it comes to aging, we are all on the same train but no one wants to reach the destination first. The good news is HGH injections for sale can subtract a decade from your old age and if you even start earlier you can significantly slow down aging.

Who needs HGH injections?

Growth Hormone Deficiency is easy to identify in children. However, diagnosis of GHD in adults can be very difficult because there won`t be obvious symptoms like stunted growth. GHD can be experienced even in children as young as three to nine months.

In adults, Growth Hormone Deficiency can manifest through muscle atrophy, overweight, sexual dysfunction, lethargy, high blood pressure, diabetes among much other age-related diseases.

If you are experiencing the above and you just passed your early thirties, those might be the signs that you need HGH. It would be wise to take action as soon as possible. You will need the best advice from a specialist in the trade after evaluation of your situation. Over the years, the study of Hormones and their functions and dysfunctions alike has been an expanding scientific field. Today Hormone Replacement Therapy is a reality and the HGH treatment process has also been perfected. With the thousands of online drugstores, it has also become quite easy to access Human Growth Hormone.

What you need to know about buying HGH Injections online

Human Growth Hormone is a controlled substance in many countries, including the US. The US FDA only approved HGH for Growth Hormone Deficiency and other health-related conditions. Therefore, getting HGH for bodybuilding and anti-aging benefits is not part of the FDA deal and illegal.

The only way to acquire HGH for non-medical conditions is by getting it from online drugstore operating in the gray area of the law. Most of these online pharmacies are scams, they either target to steal your credit card credentials or sell counterfeits.

The 5 Ultimate Benefits of HGH Injections

Most symptoms of low HGH should disappear in as little as one treatment cycle, and the effects of aging can be effectively maintained for good. This is why most people refer buying HGH as buying back your youthful years.

Human Growth Hormone injections will bring miraculous effects such as the ones listed below:

  1. Strengthening the bones

HGH injections make your bones stronger along with your muscles. It also enhances the burning of damaging fatty cells in the body and you can easily build muscle without vigorous training. If you couple HGH and exercise the results can be even more drastic and satisfying. Significant weight loss can also be achieved with HGH injections without any physical exercise. All in all, you would be able to maintain a healthy heart rate and withstand physical activity without straining your body.

  1. Energy Boost

Human Growth Hormone gives your body that youthful energy, boosting your stamina. This will not only help you in lifting the weight but will also entail that you have a healthier sex life. HGH is also believed to boost sexual desire.

  1. Renews Skin and Hair

The Human Growth Hormone can also do your skin wonders. HGH stimulates protein synthesis and synthesis of collagen fibers which are essential for the skin. Individuals taking Human Growth hormone anti-aging therapy often report having hydrated skin with a natural glow and disappearance of wrinkles. The same goes for the hair and nails. HGH slows down the greying of hair, thickens the hair and even helps to regrow hair.


HGH Therapy can also be administered to burn to help them regrow their skin and recover faster

  1. Revitalizes the Immune System

HGH greatly enhances the immune system and metabolism. Taking HGH can boost immune function. The Human Growth Hormone has the following immune functions:

  • Accelerates production of T-cells and interleukin 2,
  • production of red blood
  • production of antibodies
  • Proliferation of white blood cells
  • Amplifies the action of macrophages.

5. Improves memory and Cognitive function

The Human Growth Hormone is also essential in improving mental functions such as reducing mood swings, nervousness, irritability, depression, and anxiety. Low levels of HGH are the reason for forgetfulness, difficulty in learning, poor sight and hand-eye coordination in old age.

What are the best HGH injections for sale?

The Human Growth Hormone is a protein and it consists of 191 amino acids. There is an analogous substance which produces the same effects as HGH called Somatrem. The downside to Somatrem is that despite proving to be effective just as HGH, unfortunately, its benefits come at a higher cost to health. This is because it has very severe side effects which can even be fatal. It is mostly preferred by fraudulent manufactures because of its less complicated and cheaper manufacturing process. As a result, they can sell it to the public under the name Somatropin and at very cheap prices to lure uninformed consumers. You should only buy HGH from reliable online pharmacies like HCGPlatinum.com.

Currently, HGH injections containing the pure 191 amino acid Human Growth Hormone are manufactured in:

  • The USA and France has Humatrope manufactured by Eli Lilly and Lilly France
  • Zorbtive is manufactured in Switzerland but can only be legally sold in the United States.
  • Denmark is well known for Norditropin. Norditropin is manufactured by Novo Nordisk.
  • Sweden is well known for Genotropin and Nutropin manufactured by Pfizer International Corporation. Both the two injections are available exclusively in the United States.
  • Tev-Tropin from Israel consists of somatrem and is manufactured by TEVA Pharmaceuticals
  • Omnitrope is manufactured in Austria by Sandoz
  • Iran is well known for Dynatrope manufactured by Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Company.
  • China Gensci Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd manufacturers Jintropin, Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co., Ltd produce Ansomone – somatrem, Hygene Biopharm Co., Ltd manufactures Hygetropin and NeoGenica BioScience Ltd manufactures Hypertropin.
  • SP Tropin manufactured by SP Laboratories located in East Europe

Most of the HGH available online is from China. Medications from China are medium quality and their lowest prices make them more attractive. These drugs cannot be trusted and can be more of a gamble on your health as they can also be contaminated sometimes. Asian brands usually sacrifice quality for quantity.

If you don`t want to risk your health, it would be wise to buy your HGH injections from reputable US and European pharmaceutical manufacturers. That way you would rest assured you have the best value for your money.

How is HGH manufactured?

Human Growth Hormone is synthesised in the lab using recombinant DNA technology. This technology allows scientists to accurately clone the complex 191 amino acid hormone. The resulting synthetic HGH should be a bio-equivalent to the naturally produced Human Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland. The first synthetic HGH was released in 1985.

Today recombinant DNA synthesised HGH is largely available, manufactured and sold by several pharmaceutical companies. The most popular is Norditropin and Humatrope.


The Human Growth Hormone’s dosage is measured in International Units(IU). 1mg of HGH is equivalent to 3IUs. When it comes to Human Growth Hormone injections, there is no fixed dose. Every dose is custom made based on your medical condition, the purpose of treatment among many other factors. For anti-aging therapy, most physicians usually prescribe 2IU.

HGH Injections alternatives for sale

The cost of HGH injections is exorbitant, it costs several thousands of dollars to get a monthly supply of HGH. Instead of taking the synthetic form of Human Growth Hormone, you can instead take secretagogues, these are substances which stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to naturally produce HGH. These come in the form of creams, patches, tablets, and even sprays.

The best place to buy HGH injections online

You can easily get the Human Growth Hormone online in a number of online pharmacies. Nonetheless, there are thousands of them that are targeting newbies with their counterfeit or contaminated HGH. They might also steal your credit card details when you make the purchase. Thus you need to be really cautious when buying HGH online.

Mostly it is recommended to buy from well-established online drugstores with a good reputation for high-grade HGH. If you opt for a new and unpopular drugstore you are greatly at risk. However, you might also do some deep research about the pharmacy to see where it stands with the help of Scam Analysing site and third party previous customer reviews.

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