HGH for Height

The Human Growth Hormone is one of the most crucial hormones in the human body. Apart from stimulating growth and development, HGH saves a vast majority of other functions in the human body like anti-aging, boosting stamina, improved healing process, a boost in the immune system, weight loss etc.

Does HGH also help to increase the Height?

Yes! The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for cell growth, cell regeneration, cell proliferation, bone development, and fracture healing. Although Growth Hormone is always able to stimulate its effects at any age when it comes to height, two main factors are to be considered:

  1. Are you still growing, or
  2. Have you stopped growing?

Are you still growing?

If you are still growing, that’s great news! Probably your growth plates (epiphyseal plates) have not totally matured yet. Your height is determined between 60-80% by your genetics and the rest depends on nutrition and the environment. Taking HGH at a younger age will help you to reach your full potential for growth and even surpass it a little.

Before adulthood, your epiphyseal plates are still open and they can still be added onto resulting in you grow taller. The rate at which the epiphyseal plates are being added onto increases when you are experiencing Growth Hormone spurts.

Have you stopped growing?

At some point in our lives, we just stop growing anymore. The reason behind this is because the growth or epiphyseal plates close and the bones solidify. It is believed that once the growth plates fuse, growth ceases. However, there is no specific age at which this occurs. You can easily find out if your Growth plates have fused yet by consulting your doctor and getting an x-ray examination.

The interesting and good news about height is it fluctuates. It practically changes on a daily bases despite the fact that your epiphyseal plates have closed. On average you can become 1% shorter in a day. Note that this effect is usually temporary. It results from the compression of fluid sacs between spinal discs as a result of the pressure created by the weight of the shoulders and head while standing. The compression fades when you lie down.

Can HGH help you grow taller after Growth plates have fused?

As mentioned earlier, the common belief is that once your Growth plates have fused, you can no longer grow taller. However, studies have shown that we can still increase our height if we follow certain criteria. Thus there is a glimmer of hope!

When the growth or epiphyseal plates close, scientists believe that it is only those in the legs that fuse. They believe that many of the bones in the spine always have the potential for growth. As we know, our height mainly depends on the length of our legs and spine. Since the bones in the spine do not fuse, they can be targeted by Growth Hormone Therapy to increase height in short individuals.

How much taller can you grow with HGH?

It is important to be honest with you that you should have realistic expectations when it comes to increasing height with HGH. The average and normal increase in height are 2-4 inches. Nonetheless, this is an average and some people can be lucky enough to get even more than 5 inches added to their height. Note that your results are most probably going to be determined by genetics.

How to take HGH

  • HGH Intramuscular injection

HGH Intramuscular injections are mostly preferred among bodybuilders sue to their remarkably fast action. Therefore you take HGH injections intramuscularly a few minutes prior to a workout session and still yield effective results. Synthetic Human Growth Hormone has a half-life of about 4.9 hours and a bioavailability of about 63%.

  • HGH Subcutaneous Injections

Most people prefer to take HGH subcutaneously. If you are taking HGH for other purposes apart from bodybuilding, taking it subcutaneously is the best way to go. If taken subcutaneously, HGH has a half-life of 3.8 hours and a bioavailability of about 75%. For subcutaneous injections, you can use an insulin needle or the painless HGH pen.


What`s the best time to take HGH?

The best period to take HGH, if you are aiming at growth and increase in height is during adolescence. This is because the body would be at its maximum growth potential since the growth or epiphyseal plates would be still open. Even the pituitary gland secretes the most amount of HGH during this period.

The human body produces most of its hormones when we are asleep, the Human Growth Hormone included. Thus despite adults having lower levels of HGH, they are most likely to have enough HGH during sleep. This is why it would be wise to take your HGH during mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Only take HGH at night if your doctor has confirmed that your pituitary gland totally doesn`t function or if the doctor advises otherwise.

Other Uses of HGH.

  1. Anti-aging Properties

The Human Growth Hormone has been referred to as, “The fountain of life”. The Human Growth Hormone stimulates protein synthesis, including pivotal skin proteins like collagen and elastin. HGH reinvigorates the natural skin glow by restoring the water content of the skin and reducing skin thinning.

The upside to HGH is that it is an all in one. Unlike other beauty products which are not only too many for a few purposes but are also very exhausting to keep up with. The Human Growth Hormone will restore your skin`s natural glow, give you healthy hair and nails due to collagen, keep your skin hydrated and elastic, get rid of wrinkles among many other benefits. All these benefits would come from taking just one simple injection. This is better than the list of products your dermatologist or cosmetologist prescribed for you.

  1. Builds muscle

Do you want to gain lean muscle without going to the gym at all? HGH is your best shot.  If you couple HGH with the gym you would have even more mind-blowing muscle gains!

Research has revealed that people who take Human Growth Hormone injections tend to lose extra fat mostly in the belly region without losing muscle. The subjects have actually been found to gain lean muscle even without physical exercise.

  1. Amazing Weight Loss

The reason why HGH is more successful in weight loss than conventional diets is that unlike conventional diets which rather put the body under stress by restricting it food, HGH simply influences the body to deplete its fat stores and use fat as its first preference energy source instead of carbs. It also influences the body not to store fat. This is better than the conventional diets which are trying to work against your body`s will without changing the hormonal message. This is the reason why most people on conventional diets will probably just gain the weight back.

These are not just theories but it can be evidenced by a number of studies. One of the studies is a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine which showed that individuals who took Human Growth Hormone for over 6 months gained about 8.8% of lean muscle whilst losing about 14.4% of extra body fat. Another study carried out at the St Thomas Hospital in London in England showed even better results. The subjects gained 10.8% lean muscle and lost about 20% extra fat.

  1. Improved Sleep and Energy when you wake up.

Have you ever wondered why elderly people often sleep less than young people? The simple answer is because they have less HGH than they did when they were younger. Thus they have less deep sleep and disrupted sleep cycles. Sleep deprivation alters hypothalamus and pituitary function thus indirectly altering Growth Hormone release time. Taking HGH injections will help you keep the Human Growth Hormone levels under optimum levels so as to help you sleep like a baby once again. Studies have concluded that high levels of HGH significantly diminish fatigue and it can increase the strength, energy as well as vitality.