HGH Cost

Regardless of who we are, at a certain point in our lives, age will catch up with us. We all have the same fate regarding aging. Nonetheless, for every problem, there is a solution. When it comes to aging, you cannot totally abate the process of aging but you can slow down the aging with Human Growth Hormone injections.

We all know the endless benefits of HGH, but is the cost of an HGH injection worthy it? To the average person, the price of HGH is absolutely exorbitant. If you could only find some alternatives that will give you the benefits of HGH at a good price. Most of the online drugstores claiming to have, “the best HGH at affordable prices” are scams. Authentic HGH manufacturers are usually fully booked and out of stock. Usually, they would require you to sign up on a waiting list in order to be the first in line for the next release of products.

Human Growth Hormone is a controlled substance, therefore a prescription is required. Unfortunately, you cannot be prescribed HGH for your bodybuilding or anti-aging properties. Most of the online pharmacies, even the most reputable ones also operate in the gray area of the due to fear of the regulating boards like the FDA. If you are holding prescription, getting HGH shouldn`t be cumbersome.

You can easily get your HGH from famous and reputable HGH brands like SP Tropin, Norditropin, Humatrope, Saizen, and Genotropin. HGH is legally prescribed to people with Growth Hormone Deficiency, Turner’s syndrome, renal failure, AIDS and Prader-Willi syndrome. These individuals can also get large price cut-offs due to their medical conditions.

Factors affecting HGH Cost

  • Need

The cost of Human Growth Hormone depends on a number of factors and highly fluctuates depending on the individual. If you are using HGH for massive bodybuilding, probably you would need more HGH than the individual who is taking HGH injections for therapeutic purposes.

  • Do you want real HGH or supplements?

Most people confuse HGH supplements and the real recombinant DNA synthesized HGH. HGH supplements do not contain HGH but rather they stimulate our anterior pituitary gland to naturally produce HGH. On the other hand, synthetic HGH is produced by recombinant DNA technology and is a bio-equivalent form of the body`s naturally produced HGH. Manufacturing of HGH using recombinant DNA technology is a very expensive process which makes the HGH injections expensive as well.

Supplements are made from certain herbs and amino acids which are easy to extract. Thus supplements can be found around just a $100 whereas the real HGH treatment for a month can range from $550 to $2000 a month.

  • Brand

Just like you would go to a designer shop and get a simple white cotton T-shirt for three times its normal price in another regular shop, the same applies to medication with certain brand labels. Reputable brand names who have built a reputation for producing the most effective and efficient medication would sell their drugs at higher prices than other unknown brands. Although HGH from well-known manufacturers can be too pricey, sometimes it is worth the sacrifice because the majority of affordable HGH manufacturers are scams. They sell either counterfeit HGH or contaminated HGH.

  • Your Retailer

As an individual, it might be difficult to order your HGH directly from the manufacturer. As result, your only option is to get it from a retailer. Some retailers also have their middlemen who help them to acquire the real hormone from the manufacturer. The more the middlemen the higher the cost of your HGH as each of them take a little cut for themselves. It is wise to purchase HGH as close to the manufacturer as possible.


Shipping costs greatly vary from one online drugstore to the other. A wise tip is to buy your Human Growth Hormone in bulk because if you buy larger quantities of HGH, the price per gram also lowers. When you buy small packages, they’ll add up to even more money that one large delivery.

How do I identify Scams?

The main setback about buying Human Growth Hormone online is a high ratio of Scam online pharmacies to real authentic online drugstores. Reputable online drugstores might be expensive but it is better to rest assured you are using the right HGH I injection than to waste six months on an ineffective counterfeit. If you are buying HGH from an unpopular drugstore, take the time to sift through reviews on the internet to find out if the average user is satisfied. You can also check if the website is blacklisted by scam analysing sites. If the site has positive reviews and it has positive scam analysing site results, then you can give it a try!

Cost of HGH in details.

HGH is not FDA approved. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to order and receive the hormone even online. Because of the problems connected to delivery, the cost of HGH at the US market is from $2.1 -$6.8 per IU of somatropin. This translates to $6.3 – $20.4 per mg. The cost can also be increased by the insurance provided by the supplier to compensate for the general losses the supplier might incur due to problematic shipments.

Wholesale cost depends on the quantity and quality of the shipment and can vary depending on the country.

Specific prices of HGH

  • 500 IU (166.5 mg) is from $1000 to $2500
  • 10000 IU (3333 mg) is from $20000 to $65000
  • 1000 IU (333 mg) is from $2100 to $6500
  • 5000 IU (1665 mg) is from $10000 to $32000

As mentioned earlier, the western brand is more expensive than the Asian brands. Before the US regrouped HGH under steroid, people could import HGH from Asian countries. After the HGH`s new classification, it became illegal to import HGH from Asian countries. Critics argue that this ban was rather a political strategy as well as a monopoly by the large and expensive Western manufacturing brands.

Nonetheless, this didn’t totally stop illegal HGH supply to the US from Asian countries. They found a way, the cost the Chinese HGH became higher to refund the reshipment of the suppliers`. They reopened all the closed labs.


The best place to buy HGH online

All online drugstores claim to have the best and pure HGH. Anti-aging products are increasingly gaining popularity and high on demand. Thus the new anti-aging industry is highly lucrative and everyone wants to get their own piece of the cake. Most of these online drugstores do not even have HGH on stock and instead, they sell counterfeits or aim at identity theft when you make the transaction.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable online pharmacy can be cumbersome these days. We recommend HCGPlatinum.com, the pharmacy has a good reputation, positive customer reviews and last but not least sells the best and pure HGH at reasonable prices. Furthermore, HCGPlatinum.com is closely monitored by strict governing boards and adheres to the latest e-commerce technologies to process your credit card transactions.

Over the years HCGPlatinum.com has helped thousands of customers around the globe with effective and efficient HGH. At HCGPlatinum.com, the health and satisfaction of customers are paramount, you would certainly get the best value for your money.

Final Verdict

We all know the phrase, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” but it seems we never learn. There are very few labs in Asia which have the proper resources to manufacture HGH. Therefore, the majority of online stores we find online sell fake HGH which can be hazardous to our health. This is why it is very important not to just rush after cheap prices but consider if you are getting quality HGH in its purest form. This is why you should get a reliable online drugstore like HCGPlatinum.com