Growth Hormone Effects

When Growth Hormone was first discovered, in the 1950s, its only use was to treat children with severe Growth Hormone Deficiency. This was its only ultimate use because it was very scarce and expensive to obtain. The only source was the pituitary gland of human cadavers!

In 1985 Genetech introduced recombinant DNA synthesized Growth Hormone. For the first time in 30 years, growth hormone became easily accessible and affordable to the majority public. The ease of access and affordability of HGH gave room for experimentation. Thus over the years, apart from helping with growth, many other functions of Growth Hormone have been discovered.

The 20+ Ultimate Benefits of HGH?

    1. Better Mood and Cognitive Function

Teen years are usually the best years of almost everyone`s life. They are full of positive energy, a better mood, and cognitive function. But is it a coincidence that also during teenage, Growth Hormone is at its peak?

Studies have shown that HGH also has antidepressant properties. It elevates B-endorphin levels (the brain’s own opiate) at the same time lowering dopamine which is responsible for agitation. Therefore, high levels of Growth Hormone can decrease stress, improve focus and concentration, and also boost one`s confidence.

Recently, a study was carried out in Lithuania, they investigated the changes in mood, concentration, as well as cognitive function from a baseline after six months of treatment with recombinant DNA, synthesized Growth Hormone.

After six months of therapy, the subjects had a significantly increased cognitive function and improved mood according to standard mood scales. The study concludes that administering HGH can tremendously improve one`s quality of life, mood as well as cognitive function.

    2. Improved Sexual life

Research has also revealed that HGH can also help men with Erectile Dysfunction. The natural hormone is believed to especially stimulate relaxation of the penile chambers (corpus carvenosum and corpus spongeosum). This allows more blood flow in the male genitalia thus increasing sensitivity as well as the strength and duration of your erections.

Therefore, HGH is one of the essentials for a successful erection. This can be evidenced by a recent German study which revealed that HGH levels in men increased up to 90% when they have erections. Consequently, the levels of HGH levels gradually returned to normal levels when the penile tuminiscence seized.

Apart from the causing Erectile Dysfunction, decreasing levels of HGH are also the cause of low sexual libido as we get older. As mentioned earlier, women naturally have low levels of HGH than men. Thus they are usually the ones to fall victim to the symptoms of low HGH. This is why women lose interest in sex more than men. Women who take HGH Injections report having an invigorated sex life. In quote, they “feel as horny as they did when they were teenage girls.”

    3. Enhanced Weight Loss

HGH is not just another self-proclaimed weight loss regiment. The human growth hormone has a unique and very effective mechanism of action for weight loss. Unlike conventional diets which try to restrict the body food sometimes stressing the body, HGH only alters the way your body metabolizes food. The Human Growth Hormone utilizes your body’s fat stores when you are in need of energy instead of carbohydrates. As a result, your body’s fat stores like belly fat will be efficiently depleted.

Not only will the HGH help you to lose extra weight. The magical hormone will also help you to gain lean muscle in the process. Coupled with a good gym regiment HGH can do you wonders. Most bodybuilders use Human Growth Hormone as part of their supplements in bodybuilding.

    4. Stronger Bones

Have you ever wondered why older people have trouble forming or replacing bone rapidly? As we grow older our HGH level decreases. HGH is one of the most essential hormones needed for regulating bone growth and bone density. The Human Growth Hormone together with IGF-1 work together to maintain the bone forming and bone resorbing cells in the body. In orthopaedics, HGH Injections are often prescribed in patients recovering from bone fractures.

    5. Lowers the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Low levels of HGH are also associated with a high risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is due to abnormalities in the quantity of good and bad cholesterol. A boost of systemic Growth Hormone injections can treat GHD and also reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. It is important to maintain normal levels of HGH in the body to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

    6. Boosts Energy and Vitality

The overall strength and energy of the body are not only confined to the muscles but also on the emotional state of the individual. People who take HGH or have high HGH levels often feel very energetic and youthful. The natural hormone invigorates your youthful charisma, confidence, strength among many other benefits.

    7. Improved Muscle Strength

The Human Growth Hormone enhances the metabolism of amino acids in the body. Amino acids are the small building blocks which make up proteins. As we all know that proteins are essential for muscle growth, thereby increasing amino acids uptake, HGH is indirectly also increasing the muscle mass. And the bigger the muscle mass the more the muscle strength.

    8. Better Fracture Healing

Have you ever wondered why kids easily heal when they have bone fractures but adults would have a hard time? The simple answer is that children have enormous amounts of Human Growth Hormone compared to adults. As we get older, our natural HGH reserves also decrease. Thus for better fracture healing, you can supplement your HGH with HGH Injections. Your bone fracture healing would be boosted and you will heal faster like little kid.

    9. Better Sleep

HGH can be used to treat sleep-related disorders and also improve your sleep quality. Whilst it’s natural to sleep fewer hours as we grow older, it’s also undeniable that insomnia is becoming rampant. Due to different work shifts and electronic devices, most people often disrupt their sleep cycles. Other studies have also revealed that HGH is mostly produced at night. This means that if you sleep fewer hours, you won’t have enough HGH, thus you are more likely to succumb to HGH deficiency symptoms like fatigue, lethargy, low sexual libido among many others.

Thanks to the discovery of recombinant DNA technology, now we can successfully supplement our HGH levels.  The Human Growth Hormone regulates sleep cycles and is essential for a deep and fulfilling sleep.

    10. Boosts Stamina

Stamina can be defined as enduring energy and strength. This is what keeps you going consistently, be it a long day at the office or in bed. Above we discussed how HGH can boost energy, quickly diminish fatigue and also enhance strength. These three are all you need for on-going and consistent stamina.

    11. Adds Lean muscle

Research on people who take HGH Injections has revealed that they tend to naturally lose fat and gain lean muscle even without going to the gym. The studies showed amazing lean muscle gains in individuals who coupled Growth Hormone Injections with a consistent gym regiment.

    12. Enhances memory

Studies have revealed that people with Growth Hormone Deficiency often have impaired short and long-term memory as well as low cognitive function. This is also the reason behind more forgetfulness in elderly people. Thus the Human Growth Hormone Injections are essential for a healthy and invigorated brain function.

    13. Renews Skin and Hair

The Human Growth Hormone therapy is an amazing beauty enhancer. The upside to HGH is that you are entirely working on the whole body, not just the skin and the hair. With other cosmetic products, you would have to keep up with their numerous “do’s and don’ts” which can be exhausting. Taking Human Growth Hormone would ensure you a well-hydrated skin, reinvigorates the natural skin glow, dwindles wrinkles and even boost your mood such that you will be looking all cheerful, beautiful and happy!

    14. Revitalises the Immune System

The Human Growth Hormone is often prescribed to immune deficient individuals like HIV patients. This is because it is responsible for boosting one’s immune system. HGH accelerates the production of new antibodies, interleukin 2, T-cells, red blood cells as well as the stimulation of bacteria-fighting macrophages and the proliferation of white blood cells. All these are essential in the body’s protection and fighting against diseases. Therefore, healthy levels of HGH also ensure us a healthy immune function.

Other Functions

To date, the functions of the Human Growth Hormone are still being investigated. Some of the recently found functions of the Growth Hormone are:

  • Human Growth Hormone together with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids(AAS) can produce mind-blowing muscle gains in bodybuilding.
  • A very useful and safe anti-aging remedy
  • Boosts the immune system and helps the body to heal faster.
  • Avoids muscle atrophy in bedridden patients and anyone in general.
  • It is the best and most effective treatment available for dwarfism and GHD.
  • Can be prescribed to burn victims for faster recovery.
  • Can also be prescribed to Prader-Willi syndrome and quick bowel syndrome patients.
  • Prevents graying of hair and recolors the gray.
  • Hair thickening
  • Improved eyesight and concentration
  • Optimum cholesterol levels.
  • Optimum blood pressure.
  • Healthy bowel function
  • Prevents and reverses the shrinkage of organs