Growth hormone definition

There are thousands of online pharmacies popping up on the internet, all claiming to sell safe and authentic HGH injection. We all know that the majority of these online drugstores are scams and they either targeting to steal your credit credentials or sell you counterfeit HGH. As a result, getting an online drugstore with genuine Human Growth Hormone can be quite cumbersome.

However, with a handful of wise tips and precautions, identifying an authentic online drugstore can be easy too. There are still reliable and authentic online drugstores selling HGH, the only challenge is identifying them. You can make the process easier by targeting already established and well-known brands on the market.

How do I distinguish between legit HGH and Fake HGH?

If you are a newbie user of HGH, buying HGH online can be hectic. The Human Growth Hormone is not approved in most countries. If you are in the US, it can be even more difficult to get HGH. The only source of HGH is to get it online or underground labs. Despite the manufacturer showing your serial numbers, guarantees along with pictures of production you can never be sure that what you are using is pure HGH.

The only way to determine if you are using real HGH is by getting your blood analysis done.

What is Growth Hormone?

Both children and adults require HGH. The Human Growth Hormone is one of the natural secretions of the anterior pituitary gland. It consists of a single polypeptide chain comprising of 191 amino acids. Growth hormone is essential for Growth and development. However, the rate of production is significantly higher in children than in adults and the rate is at its highest peak during puberty.

For some reason, still unknown, the rate of HGH in our bodies eventually starts to decline after puberty as we grow up. Perhaps this can be explained by the neuroendocrine theory which postulates that the symptoms of aging spontaneously coincide with the decrease in the amount of most hormones and the failure of various organs.  Cortisol is the only hormone which increases with age but not for a good cause, it is known as the “bad” hormone.

World manufacturers vs Regional Manufactures.

Famous and reputable big brands like Norditropin, Somatohorm, Getropin, Nomatropin, Kigtropin, Hygetropin, Saizen and Genotropin are usually targeted by Scammers due to their reputation. They then sell their counterfeits disguised with well-known brand names which make more difficult to separate the sheep from the goats. In this case, the price will determine the authenticity. If it is a real-world manufacturer`s product it should be highly expensive. If it is cheap then definitely it’s a counterfeit. Low-grade HGH can lead to serious long-term health complications.

However, you can still find authentic HGH from regional pharmaceutical companies at reasonably affordable prices. Some of the well-known and most reputable regional manufacturers with good prices are Achem and Balkan.

The 6 ultimate tips to distinguish the real HGH from the counterfeits.

  1. The first thing to is to research! Don`t read blindly and believe everything written on wikis, websites, discussion posts, and blogs. After familiarising with the subject then consult an expert in the endocrinology field or visit your local physician. They might not give you a prescription because of the laws but they will definitely give you some advice and recommend the right dose.
  2. Another way to escape some common blunders with HGH is by talking to people who have done it before. This refers to athletes and bodybuilders. Visit the gym or sign up for some bodybuilding forums and ask them for tips, common mistakes, etc. Bodybuilding maniacs would definitely know the way around HGH and you can save yourself the learning from mistakes experience. They will surely enlighten you from the right doses, cost, the pros and cons among many other. Take off the pride and inquisitively ask all you need to know as a child.
  3. We are all spiritual beings, regardless of the variance in opinions. Sometimes it is important to listen to your gut. If you happen to find an authentic online drugstore, stick with it. Don`t buy into great sells copies on a certain website. They might have the best website, have the best claims and prices, but not all that glitters is gold. They can sell the worst HGH which is ineffective with such a website.
  4. Another way to bust fake HGH is by comparing your product with other products online! Compare the bottles`, company, serial numbers, bottle top colors, expiration dates etc. A lot of online drugstores make counterfeit containers which do not contain the real HGH. However, at close analysis, you can spot the difference.
  5. The foolproof method to be sure you have pure HGH in your hand is by getting tested! Visit a reputable lab and have your them carry a blood analysis test on you. If you don`t have an insurance, the procedure would likely cost you between $50 and $100. At least three hours before you go for the blood analysis you should inject yourself with 10 IU’s intramuscularly. There are so many labs out there, you are more likely to be lucky to get you’re a lab covered by your insurance.
  6. The reason why most scammers succeed is that people get duped and just keep quiet. If you are scammed, immediately report the website or company. The more bad reviews and media they get, the more people you save from falling into the same trap. With more people realizing a site is a scam, the higher the chances of its closure or ban.

HGH Serum Test

So after sending in your blood for testing, most labs can do the HGH serum test which is a cheaper and simpler test. The test should be carried out twice. The second test should be taken 3 hours later, this time take only 3-4IU of HGH. If the HGH is pure, your second test results should show a significant rise in serum level. Be sure to report the results to your manufacturer. Some manufacturers would give you a refund.

HGH Serum Test Result drawback

The HGH Serum test is affordable and quite easy to carry out but it has its own inconsistencies from one test to the other. HGH serum level depends on many factors like diet, injection timing, dosage, potential immune response, the current level of the amino acid among many others. This is why you aren`t likely to get the same HGH results twice. The Serum Test results can confirm that the injected HGH is safe and authentic but it will never confirm the quality or quantity of HGH.

IGF-1 Test

The levels of HGH and IGF-1 closely correlate in the human body. Injecting HGH into the body would result in high levels of IGF-1. If your level of IGF-1 significantly rises after an HGH injection, that’s a good sign that you took authentic HGH. The IGF-1 test is conducted just the same way as the HGH serum test.

Can I use a Home Pregnancy Test To Tell if HGH is Real?

People often confuse HGH for HCG, the hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. Scammers often target this possible blunder because the two substances look alike and the names are almost similar. The best way to define HGH from fake HGH is by adding water to the vials. Contents of an HCG vial will dissolve completely within seconds whereas real HGH will leave a few lumps of powder floating for a couple of minutes before it finally dissolves.

Final Verdict: The Pregnancy test if for testing pregnancy and not HGH. It’s a lie!

Did you know there is fake but effective HGH?

Just as we consumers are becoming more aware and smarter regarding scams, on their end scammers are also getting smarter. Some fake HGH manufacturers are now able to copy 100% the packaging and names of reputable manufacturers such that you won`t even spot the difference.

The smartest of them all actually sell you a substance which produces the same effects as Human Growth Hormone. This substance is called Somatrem. It also shares the same mechanism of action with somatropin which makes it just as efficient. Before the discovery of Somatropin, it was the synthetic hormone used in place of HGH.

The reason why Somatrem use was stopped is that it comes with very severe side effects which can even be fatal. Since most of these fraudulent online pharmacies are only after the lucrative profit margins, they don`t care about the health and well-being of their customers. Besides, Somatrem is easy and cheap to manufacture. Therefore they can lure a lot of people with attractive cheap prices whilst they aren`t making a loss on their end.