How to Lose Weight Fast- Naturally

I have three simple tips for how to Lose weight fast- naturally. First is to change your relationship towards desserts. Another word for dessert is treat. A treat should be something special, not something you have after every meal or after every dinner. Limit your treats so that maybe you only get 2 a week, or maybe only one a week. Make sure you are careful about how your treats or desserts so your not eating them with every meal, or at least every day. Second thing is portion control. I actually just read a study that talks about how people who use smaller plates eat less. Which may seem obvious to us, but next time you’re at dinner try eating off of a salad plate and see if it changes your mind. See if you able to eat less when you use a smaller plate. Also if your into heavily addicting foods like popcorn or potato chips, instead of leaving out the bag of potato chips on the counter, fill a small bowl of them and put them away in the cupboard. This way you will only eat what’s inside you bowl instead of going back to the bag over and over. The third tip is to get moving. Find ways to exercise throughout your day. Take a walk on your lunch break. Maybe ride your bike to the grocery store instead of taking the car. Go for a walk with your kids, or with your spouse, or your dog. Find ways to exercise throughout your day and you will see weight loss results. These are all natural tips. I hope they help you.

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