8 Facts and Tips About Holiday Weight Gain

#1 Only One of Everything Right?

One holiday dinner can add unto 1,297 Calories. That’s 65% of your daily calories! It would take 150 minutes of extreme exercise to burn off one holiday meal.

#2 Santa is In Shape… Round is a Shape isn’t it?

Santa consumes 262,200,000 Calories from milk and cookies. That would mean that Santa gains 74,914 lbs on Christmas eve. That is equivalent to the weight of 300 men.

#3 Mistletoe

It takes 5 hours of Kissing to Burn off one piece of pie.

#4 Let It Burn, Let it burn, let it burn

An adult weighing 150 lbs can burn about 630 calories by snowboarding one hour.

#5 Make Better Cooking Decisions!

Red light: Butter, Cream, Sugar, Frozen, Fried

Green light: Margarine, Low-Fat Milk, Sugar Substitute, Fresh, Baked

#6 Help With the Guilt

Holiday Chores= Goodbye Calories

Wrapping= 96 Calories, Cleaning= 191, Cooking= 195, Shopping= 200

#7 He know if you’ve been sleeping…

Your body does too! Getting enough sleep can help prevent weight gain.

#8 HCG Platinum – The best gift to give yourself this season!


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