3 Exercise Tips for the HCG Diet

Hi, it’s Mandy blogging from hcgplatinum.com. 
Yesterday I blogged about exercise while on the diet and I know it’s not required on the diet, but I did get some emails asking me for additional tips on exercise.

So here they are for you for those of you who want to exercise on the diet.  My first bit of advice is to take a B-12 complex vitamin. 

I have one with me right here.  This is HCG platinum’s newest product the B-12 plus potassium and it will be available on our site soon.  So I would recommend taking one of these a day.  It will help those of  you who are feeling weak, or tired or dizzy while on the diet because of the low calories and  will help you retain your usual exercise schedule.  My second bit of advice is to walk and then run.  Take a walk first, see how you feel. 

If you are feeling really dizzy or really weak, keep walking.  If it gets bad stop walking.  If you feel great, take it up to a run.  Everyone’s body is different and you need to listen to what your body is telling you.  So if you feel up to it feel free to run.  

Otherwise, start walking and see how you feel and go from there.   My third bit of advice is to find ways to exercise wherever you are.  If you are working and during your break instead of eating, or calling a friend, or whatever you normally do, take a walk.  Go outside and take a walk, enjoy the air, get your blood racing a little bit, it’s so good for your heart.  It will definitely help you to maximize your weight loss on the diet.  For those of you who are at home, take a walk around your house or your neighborhood. 

Take a short bike ride, walk to the bus stop to pick up your kids up from school.  Whatever it is, whatever situation you are in, you can find a way to exercise.  That’s my advice for you.  Please email me with any future questions.  I’m happy to answer any of them and good luck with your HCG diet!

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