Tips to Lose Weight Fast

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was telling me that she stared a diet last month. She said, “At the end of the month I didn’t lose any weight, I didn’t even lose one pound.” I said, “What was this diet you were doing?” she said, “Well, I tried really hard to exercise at least once a day, I went on a walk for about 30 minutes. I only let myself have one treat a day, and other than that I continued to eat what I usually ate, but I just ate smaller portions.” And I said, “Of course you’re not going to lose any weight doing that.” A lot of people want to know how to lose weight quickly, first of all, and they don’t know how to change their eating habits. Just exercise, taking a walk 30 min a day can help, but only if your eating the right food. A lot of time exercise doesn’t help anyone. I’m here to share with you some tips for losing weight fast.

One of the first things is varying you exercise. You definitely need to have some cardio; experts recommend 30 min a day and probably 4-5 times a week. You also have to do some cross training, which means weight lifting, when your weight lifting your able to burn fat all daylong. A lot of people miss weight lifting and think cardio is the best way. I think running is definitely the best bank for you buck if your planning on exercise to loss weight, but you got to get weight lifting in there, or your weight loss won’t be as effective. Second thing, you can’t keep eating the foods you always ate in smaller portions. You do need to include healthy greens with almost every meal and you also need to include lean meats. Protein is vital to losing weight; you can’t lose weight with out it. Third is to drink water. I know I always say this but I am going to say it again. Water is one of the best ways to lose weight. It’s good for you. It helps keep you skin hydrated, it keeps your system running, and it keeps you healthy. It will also help you lose especially if you drink water instead of any other liquids. So make sure your not getting you calories from other liquids.

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Top 10 Ways to Drop 10+ Pounds or More


Don’t Just Rely on Cardio:
Cardio exercise keeps you heart-healthy and prevents weight gain, but dieters must restrict calorie intake to lose weight.


Pump Iron:
Building muscle boosts your metabolism and burns calories all day long.


Portion Control:
Eating too much-even healthy foods-stalls weight loss. Eat small portions and remember that your body will need fewer claories as you lose weight.


Get a Handle on Emotional Eating:
Find a hobby or exercise to cope with stress and emotions instead of eating.


Keep a Food Diary:
Try it! You’ll be surprised at how mich you actually consume thoughout the day. Simply being aware can help you control it.


Drink Water… Lots of it:
Drink 1/2 to 2/3 gallons every day. It flushes out bad fat and keeps you feeling full longer.


Fill Up with Fiber:
Green vegetables, apples and other high fiber foods help you stay full longer and keep blood sugar in check- two important aspects for long-term weight loss.


Eat When You’re Hungry- Not Thirsty:
When hunger pangs hit, try drinking a tall glass of water first. You may discover you’re not really hungry at all.


Lose Fat, Not Water:
For long-term weight loss, you need a diet protocol such as HCG to burn fat. On many diets, you only lose water, and you’ll regain weight as soon as the diet ends.


The Diet with Fast Results:
Lose up to one pound a day! The HCG diet produces the safest and fastest weight loss possible. HCG Platinum is the most recommended quality weight loss product currently available. For more information and to purchase HCG Platinum

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