HCG Platinum launches 2 new products

October 6th 2010 – HCG Platinum has launched not just one – but two new products, created specifically to make the HCG diet easier, healthier, and more effective. Because of the popularity of their weight loss product HCG Platinum, the company felt the need to develop products which will aid and encourage dieters to stay on the diet protocol and promote healthy weight loss.

The first product that Platinum has developed is their HCG Platinum Meal Replacement, which complements the HCG diet perfectly. The Meal Replacement is sold in a package of 12, and each packet when mixed with water provides an exact meal replacement to Dr. Simeons protocol. There are two delicious flavors available: chocolate and berry-vanilla, and both provide variety and convenience to the HCG diet.

The Meal Replacement is the first HCG meal replacement of its kind. Because of the nature of the HCG diet, it can be difficult to provide an exact meal replacement, especially for individuals who are on-the-go. Scientifically formulated, these meal replacement packets can literally change the experience of every dieter by giving them all of the nutrients and vitamins they need, while also staying within Dr. Simeon’s exact protocol. Also, because of the variety of flavors, dieters can provide some variety to their meal replacement. President of HCG Platinum Kevin Wright says of the new product, “The meal replacement really has the potential to change a dieter’s experience. Because it is so fast and convenient, dieters will not be so restricted by the diet protocol.”

Maintain, Platinum’s equally thrilling new product, also has several benefits which can change the HCG Platinum dieter’s experience. Because of the very low calorie diet (VLCD) protocol, occasionally dieters experience a lag in energy. To resolve this issue, Platinum developed Maintain which provides energy to the dieter’s, and also acts as an appetite suppressant. Maintain also includes additional vitamins which help support the body’s organs and provide the body with all of its necessary nutrients.

Maintain’s unique formula is also ideal for dieters who find the very low calorie diet difficult. It can also provide an additional boost to dieters whose bodies are adjusting to their new set-point. Maintain’s active ingredients include: Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Theanine, and Natural Caffeine – all of which complement the HCG Platinum formula perfectly, allowing dieters to have an energy-filled dieting experience.

Both the Meal Replacement and Maintain are perfect complements to the HCG Platinum diet, making the diet results healthier and more effective. Although dieters still need to follow a protocol in order to see weight loss results, these two products definitely make that process much easier. The amazing weight loss results of HCG Platinum however, remain the same.

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