Carmen Electra signs as Spokesperson for HCG Platinum

Provo, Utah  HCG Platinum announced today that they have officially signed Model/Actress Carmen Electra as their National Spokesperson.

“I am thrilled to be the HCG Platinum™ spokesman Electra said, “I am looking forward to building the HCG Platinum brand and helping people world wide lose that extra body fat that so many diet products claim they can burn away. I personally have used Platinum to help me get rid of those unwanted pounds and inches. The truth is that always being on the go, it is so hard to maintain a healthy diet. Every time I feel I am at that point where I need to lose body fat and tone up, I can rely on HCG Platinum to help me shed not only that extra weight but the body fat.”









As part of Carmen Electra’s HCG Platinum promotional schedule, Electra will be making her first official appearance September 25th 2010 at the HCG Platinum Booth # 239 at The Mr.Olympia Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, NV.

“HCG Platinum™ is made in the U.S.A from only the purest grade of materials available. Our facility is both GMP and Kosher certified to insure quality and integrity. Both the 14 day and 30 day supply, helps your body quickly reduce fat in areas that are normally difficult to lose, giving you long lasting results” says CEO and Founder Kevin Wright.

“Carmen truly represents the large majority of dieters who although try to maintain their weight loss, fluctuate on the scale. HCG Platinum not only helped me lose over 40 lbs as an office bound marketing executive, but helped Carmen shed the body fat she needs as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s a perfect match for HCG Platinum” said Elis Pacheco, Sr. VP Marketing.

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Staying Motivated for HCG Weight Loss

When beginning the diet, it is imperative that dieters be dedicated to following the diet exactly as it is in order to get the best weight loss results.  Your results depend entirely on how strictly you follow the diet. You will amaze yourself when you start seeing the pounds dropping off each morning you weigh yourself.  Your clothes will fit better, you will have more energy, you will start sleeping better, your motivation to be active starts to sky-rocket, and you will receive compliments from your peers.  Many dieters began to wonder why they didn’t start sooner.

Many dieters want to know if they can eat other foods and ingredients that are not part of the diet.  The response is always the same.  You can eat anything you want because nobody is forcing you to commit to the diet.  However, you should remember that your weight loss directly depends on how faithfully you follow the instructions. the mirror.

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