Best HGH

Thousands of online pharmacies are popping up on the internet, all claiming to sell the “best HGH”. Practically there is nothing like the, “best Human Growth Hormone.” Your real concern should be, am I buying real and bio-identical HGH in its pure form or am I getting a fake. If it is fake, it wouldn`t work and if its real it will work. As long as you have pure HGH it would work the same way, the efficacy of all HGH is all the same.

HGH has been increasingly gaining popularity. Apart from its use in treating Growth Hormone Deficiency in children, HGH also has a vast majority of benefits which can help you to virtually turn back time, feel and look like a youth once again. The Hormone has been found effective in improving hair and skin condition, strengthening the bones, increasing muscle weight and lowering fat levels among many other benefits.

Nonetheless for all these miraculous transformations to come to pass, it is crucial that you get HGH in its pure form and a bio-equivalent to the body`s own. For the best results, HGH also requires you to be well disciplined enough to follow the long treatment course as instructed. Getting the most reliable and effective HGH can be a cumbersome process, considering the high ratio of fraudulent online pharmacies to the authentic and reliable ones.

How to choose the best HGH?

  1. Purity

To reduce the severity of side effects, you should only inject yourself with the purest HGH you can find. Pure HGH is bio-identical to our own body`s natural pituitary produced Human Growth Hormone. Therefore it should comprise 191 amino acids and also have the same mechanism of action as natural HGH.

At, we value quality over quantity. We are first a healthcare provider before we are a business. Unfortunately, this is not the same case with most online drugstores. The large majority of online pharmacies are after the lucrative profit margins and will do anything to get that. This might be selling counterfeit or contaminated HGH or stealing your credit card details.

Some manufacturers sell Somatrem, a mimic of HGH. Whilst Somatrem might produce the same effects as Somatropin, unfortunately, it is mostly associated with severe side effects which makes it very dangerous. Most fraudulent manufacturers prefer Somatrem because it is very easy and cheap to manufacture and is not totally some useless powder. This is why it is very important not to just consider HGH injections for their cheap prices.

  1. Form

You would find many online drugstores selling HGH in a variety of forms, mostly injections but now there are also sprays, pills, and even sticker patches. What`s the optimal? That is discussed below in more detail.

  • Patches?

Apart from the fact that HGH is a delicate hormone which doesn`t survive adverse conditions, HGH`s molecules are quite too big to be able to penetrate the skin. Therefore even if the patches would contain the real HGH, it will still die on your skin without being able to penetrate.

  • Sprays?

Sprays don`t work either. The spray conditions are not optimal to preserve active Human HGH. Even HGH injections require to be handled with care and avoid shaking. Shaking HGH can ruin the protein structure of the hormone.

  • Pills?

The Human Growth Hormone cannot survive in pills either. Even if HGH could survive in the pill, it is made up of protein, therefore, it would be digested by the stomach acid after ingestion.

  • Final Verdict: Injections!

HGH can only survive and be safely transferred into the body by means of injection. The injectable Human Growth Hormone should be handled with care and store refrigerated to keep the molecules unharmed.

  1. Is it real HGH or just a stimulant?

Real Human Growth Hormone is delicate and can only be administered in the form of injection. Patches, sprays, and pills are not the real Human Growth Hormone, they only stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to naturally produce HGH.

  1. Country of manufacturing.

It is pretty obvious that medications manufactured in developed countries are the safest and work the best because the protocols of drug certification and regulating boards in the EU and the US are stricter than they are in developing countries (mostly Asian countries).

Where can I get natural HGH?

There are a lot of claims and myths surrounding HGH on the internet. The majority of these are just marketing legends. Some online drugstores claim that they sell natural HGH. However, HGH can only be produced either in the lab using recombinant DNA technology or extracted from a human cadaver of which this process was banned in 1985. Therefore, all claims about HGH being natural are fake, plants do not produce HGH either. Most people tend to buy to scams because of the well-written word copies on their aesthetic websites and the crazy cheap prices and giveaways.

In conclusion, the best HGH contains pure, bio-identical HGH with 191 amino acids and should be preferably manufactured in the EU or the US. Despite being a synthetic hormone, it would still achieve the same results as your body`s own HGH.

The best HGH products.

By now you should probably have an idea of how the best HGH products should be like. Below is a list of some of the most reputable Human Growth Hormone products on the market:

  • Genotropin (highly pure, 191 amino acid sequence);
  • SP Tropin (191 amino acid sequence, the purity is very high);
  • Humatrope (191 amino acid sequence, the purity is high);
  • Norditropin (highly pure, 191 amino acid sequence);
  • Nutropin (191 amino acid sequence, highly pure);
  • Jintropin (highly pure, 191 amino acid sequence);
  • Hypertropin (191 amino acid sequence, highly pure);
  • Serostim (191 amino acid sequence, high purity);
  • Zorbtive (191 amino acid sequence, high purity);
  • Tev-Tropin (191 amino acid sequence, medium purity).

All these brands have their unique benefits such as travel-friendly injection pens. Some of the above also require reconstituting before injection and others come readily in liquid form, ready for injection.

Choosing the best HGH Manufacturers.

As mentioned above, the quality of Human Growth Hormone greatly depends on the manufacturer. This is because HGH molecules are highly delicate. To be on the safe side opt for EU and US manufacturers. You can also get quality products from Chinese manufacturers but getting a reliable Chinese manufacturer is almost impossible and can be cumbersome.

Reputable and reliable US HGH manufacturers.

  • EMD Serono, Inc. (based in the US, manufacturer of Zorbtive, Serostim);
  • Pfizer, Inc. (based in the US, manufacturer of Genotropin brand);
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals (US-based manufacturer, produces Tev-Tropin brand).
  • Novo Nordisk, Inc. (USA-based, manufactures Norditropin brand);
  • Eli Lilly and Company (US-based manufacturer of Humatrope);

Reputable and reliable non US HGH manufacturers.

  • GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (China-based, manufactures Jintropin brand).
  • Neogenica Bioscience Ltd. (based in China, the manufacturer of Hypertropin);
  • SP Laboratories (based in East Europe, manufactures SP Tropin brand)

The best place to buy HGH online

Finding an authentic online pharmacy selling pure HGH has never been harder as it is today. The number of fraudulent online drugstores greatly surpasses the number of authentic online drugstores.

Therefore a lot of vigilance and background research is very important before you finally place an order. It is important to do a little background check about the previous customers as well as checking if the pharmacy was ever mentioned on Scam analysing sites. has great positive reviews and you definitely wouldn`t find it blacklisted on Scam Analysing sites. The pharmacy has been around for a very long time which can be evidenced by the thousands of reviews on the website. offers a high grade, uncompromised Human Growth Hormone and does not sacrifice quality for quantity. It maintains high-quality control measures by keeping close ties with reputable pharmaceutical regulating boards. You will get the best value for your money and the prices are also reasonable. Last but not least, apart from giving you pure HGH, we also help in scheduling your treatment.