Doug lost 127 lbs. in 5 months!

Doug Faust HCG Platinum

I am an ex college and professional football player and have always been a large individual. Over the years I had ballooned to 415 pounds. I exercised and dieted to no avail.  I had given up all hope of losing weight and had already consulted a bariatric surgeon when I was told about the HCG Platinum diet plan. Today is February 15 and I have lost 127 pounds using the HCG Platinum plan since beginning in August. I am on my third round of 40 day cycles and still have two more weeks of weight loss to experience. The results and changes in my lifestyle have been phenomenal! This product works beyond my wildest dreams.

Doug Faust

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  1. Amazing results! I saw Doug summer of 2009 at our high school reunion and he looks like a new man now.

  2. Deborah on Feb 18, 2011

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